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Top-3 UX Mobile Trends that Work Bad for Your Business

2010s have finally proved that UX influences your marketing results not less than price strategy or advertising campaign. Apple breakthrough and success to a great extent relies on high usability. But following general UX trends not always works well for you....

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Top 5 Mobile App Trends to Look Out in 2016

2015 has been a great year for Mobile. And 2016 already shows that Mobile Apps has only started taking their dominant position in eCommerce. We have gathered Top-5 trends that any owner or creator of a mobile app should keep an...

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Dev Tools Review: Parse

Parse is a cloud backend tool that is widely used by Rubyroid Labs Developers. We find it a great product and can definitely recommend it to those who are looking for database for their mobile apps. Get inside to learn more!...

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3 Ways How Mobilification is Changing Marketing Game

Technology is changing our life a lot. Recently KPCB has published a report, which explains how significantly things have changed during the last ten years. We’ve checked this report for you and are ready to show you in figures and examples...

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Case Study: I Hate Bears Mobile Application

Rubyroid Labs continues to introduce to you projects we are proud of. This time we would like to show you a mobile app I Hate Bears. This ironic time killer is great fun. Get inside to learn more about it.