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INTERVIEW: Aaron Patterson, Rack, Github and BBQ

Reading Time: 13 minutesAaron Patterson is one of the most respected and appreciated developers in Ruby world. Member of Ruby and Ruby on Rails core Team he is known for his great professional skills and even greater personality. Our CEO Valentine Zavadskiy and Dmitry...

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How to Pass Any Developer Interview with A+

Reading Time: 1 minuteHow hard is it for developer to pass a job interview? What questions he should expect for and, what is more important, what answers employers expect from him. Full-Stack Ruby Developer Maxim Abramchuk from Rubyroid Labs Team has asked himself same...

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INTERVIEW: How to start coding on Ruby on Rails?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThose, who only start their way of becoming a Ruby on Rails developer have tons of questions. We have gathered the most common of those and asked Yury Kaliada, co-founder of Rubyroid Labs and one of RoR lecturers about them. Find...