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Case Study: Chat Bot for Event Managers Evenzo

Today we’re going to share the case study about Evenzo – chat bot for event organizers, which was created completely by Rubyroid Labs Team from idea to actual code. Get inside to learn everything about it.


Case Study: Cross Offer Deals Engine Comparendo

Rubyroid Labs in known for working with any type of project. It can be a small website or a powerful mobile application. This time we will tell you about Comparendo – sophisticated cross offer deals engine developed for Switzerland market.


Case Study: Charity Auction Platform Charty

Rubyroid Labs has under its belt plenty great projects. Some of them are great not only by their design or functionality, but also by the mission they are spreading. This time we will tell you about the charity project we have...

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Case Study: Gamer Service Dotapusher

We continue sharing with you big and small projects developed with the help of Rubyroid Labs. This time we will cover a small child of ours, created completely by our Team. It is a gamer service Dotapusher, designer specifically for true...

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Case Study: e-Commerce Beauty Platform Volition

Every project brings something special to Rubyroid Labs. Today we would like to share with you the story of development Volition – e-Commerce beauty portal with a great concept and amazing approach to the customer experience. Get inside to be the...

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Top-5 Best Practices for Responsive Mobile UX

Having a responsive mobile version is a matter of good tone today. When mobile eCommerce is taking 63% of all purchases and this figure is increasing with every year, one has to make sure his website looks fresh and beautiful on...

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Case Study: I Hate Bears Mobile Application

Rubyroid Labs continues to introduce to you projects we are proud of. This time we would like to show you a mobile app I Hate Bears. This ironic time killer is great fun. Get inside to learn more about it.