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Best Practices: Scrolling vs Pagination

Reading Time: 4 minutesComfortable navigation or increased conversion, easy content management or increased customer engagement. «What to choose: scrolling or pagination?» is a question that a lot of startups need to answer before developing a new app.


New Big Trend: How Digital Payments are Changing the World

Reading Time: 2 minutesDigital Payments, also known as FinTech, are a growing trend nowadays, changing the market forever. We love keeping you informed about all the latest trends in IT, so we investigated the report by PWC about it and created a synopsis for...


Enjoy New Facebook Pixel for Your Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutesRecently Facebook has decided to unify its conversion trackers and introduce brand new solution – Facebook Pixel. It is a new powerful marketing tool to be used by any company that is striving to converse traffic from Facebook. Let’s have a...


How to Create A/B Tests that Will Actually Help Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn our web era A/B tests have become the little, but important helpers of any online product. Unlike offline competitors, we have a unique chance to try different theories and conduct some experiments with minimum effort and funds required. So it...

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Infographics on How Gender Influences Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: 1 minuteWe are glad to introduce to you our freshly-baked infographics, which would shade some light on how gender influences marketing choices your customers make and as a result your marketing strategy. We gathered some of the most surprising and useful information...