Rubyroid Labs Great Summer Party [VIDEO]

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Rubyroid Labs summer party

Lately Rubyroid Labs has had a great summer party with kayaking, sauna and lots of adventures. The two-day party was devoted to the Company Birthday. We decided that spending some time together in union with nature is the perfect thing for team building and were right. Check the report with video inside.

The trip took place on the Vilia river, during the trip we made a few stops. Of course, we didn’t do without spending a night near bonfire with guitar songs and sleeping in tents. The route we followed was a bit tricky and we even got lost a little, but luckily everything ended fine. Sounds interesting? Check the video from the event.

During the party each of Rubyroid Labs team had a chance to try himself as a sailor. And at the end of the second day each of us was passed through initiation ceremony for sailors. This helped us not only to spend good time together, but also become stronger as a team. We are sure that each of us would remember this weekend as one of the best weekends of this summer.

Vera Rabkina

Business Analyst at Rubyroid Labs

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