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Best Practices: Scrolling vs Pagination

«What to choose: scrolling or pagination?» is a question not easier than Hamlet’s “To be or not to be?” We decided to shut down this question forever and give you a perfect instruction on when it’s better to choose scrolling and...

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Rubyroid Labs Launches Ruby Courses 2016

We are glad to announce that the new session of Ruby courses from Rubyroid Labs has officially started. Every year we gather students from technical university to help them master their skills in Ruby. Check out details about this year inside.

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Subscribe to our Blog to Get a Discount!

We decided to celebrate our perfect review Clutch Badge and say “thank you” to all our blog readers. And better than “thank you” can only be a crispy discount. Get inside to learn how to get it!

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Pros and Cons of Angular 2

Since the very release of Angular 2 beta-version, the community has split into two camps: those who are for and against the new version. We have gathered the ideas from both sides of the barricades to figure out the main pros...

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Case Study: Cross Offer Deals Engine Comparendo

Rubyroid Labs in known for working with any type of project. It can be a small website or a powerful mobile application. This time we will tell you about Comparendo – sophisticated cross offer deals engine developed for Switzerland market.